What is the Strange Ancient Object Found in the Tomb of ѕαвυ? You can see it now in the Egyptian Museum

The Tomb of ѕαвυ was believed to have been active around 3100-3000 BC and it was believed to have belonged to Pharaoh Anedjib’s child. Inside of it, Walter Bryan Emery discovered stone blades, arrows, a couple of copper objects, some schist parts and alas, a very strange disk which remained unexplained until recently.


This disk was aptly named the ѕαвυ Disk later on after its discovery and it is around 61cm x 10cm. It’s made out of metasiltstone and it’s quite fragile.

Recently scientists came to the conclusion that it might have been used as an instrument to direct and control the megalithic energy that the ancient civilizations from 5,000 years ago were privy to.

According to this theory, the disk would basically sᴇʀvᴇ as a passive emitter such as if you were for example to put your phone in a resonator.


There are three lobes on the ѕαвυ Disk which are believed to be the main transmitters of the energy modules of the wave.

These energy waves are believed to interrelate with the galactic microwave background of the space which would in turn give the apparatus more energy with time.


The ѕαвυ bowl for example is believed to pump out reverberation wave energy in the physicochemical features of Si-O bonds in silicon. The secret element that binds it all is water.

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