These 3600-Year-Old Giant Hands Were Uncovered In Egypt

The following 16 Giant Hands were found under the royal Hyksos complex, and they date back to nearly 3,600 years ago, as far as we know. Many think they were the victims of Egyptian armies in the past since they were discovered under four distinct mounds. Manfred Bietak was the key arc


Archaeologist who discovered the discovery, as he was seeking other antiquities at the site after hearing claims that there were more. He led the teams from the Austrian Archaeological Institute and the Austrian Academy of Science that discovered the site.

He had intended to dig the old city of Avaris, but after hearing reports of mounds surrounding the region from the locals, they swiftly modified their plans and concentrated on this instead.
That’s how the researchers discovered that ancient Egyptian troops would often ensure that their foes were completely annihilated by chopping off their hands and allowing them to die of blood loss. They believed that this was the greatest punishment they could inflict on their opponents since they would allow them to face an agonizing death while also ensuring that they would be unable to fight again.


We tend to think of ancient Egyptian kings as intellectual, but their actions were far from sophisticated. To say the least, they were brutal, constantly demonstrating supremacy via any means required, which is exactly what this revelation represents.


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