Remains of an Ancient ‘Giant’ Human Were Discovered in Iran

This following discovery was made in the Iranian province of Lorestan and right off the bat, you can see why it garnered so much attention so far. Amongst it, the experts also found several other ancient artifacts but this one topped everything else, to say the least.


The remains of this ancient “Giant” sprung out of the ground as it literally left all of the archaeologists there speechless. The discovery in itself may not seem like much by today’s standards as the general protein intake of today’s societal norms has vastly increased in comparison to the past so right off the bat that’s why we’re so much taller now than we were in the past. In fact, around 224 AD to 651 AD aka when this Giant dates back to, humans were typically around 1.40 to 1.60m tall. Just imagine what a 2-meter human would look like around that time period


He was a member of the Sasanian Empire based on his attire and the symbols on his sarcophagus and experts have said that he most likely was taken out by the Islamic Caliphate’s conquering of the Sasanian Empire.

The artifacts around him seem to have very little to do with him, as for the most part, they all appear to go as far back as the Achaemenid Empire which was taken out by Alexander the Great’s siege of the empire from 550 BC to 330 BC. All in all, definitely a discovery that’s worth a mention, to say the least.


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