New Discoveries At The Underwater Park Of Baia

During the research activities that the Archaeological Park of the Phlegrean Fields is carrying out in view of the opening of new routes, a marble table support (trapezoforo) decorated with a feline head was recovered from the seabed this morning.
The operation was carried out by technicians from the Campi Flegrei Archaeological Park supported by the Harbour Master’s Office – Locamare di Baia and Naumacos Underwater Archaeology.


Immediately after the recovery operations the find was transported to the laboratories of the Bay Castle for the first preservation measures.

new-discoveries-at-the-underwater-park-of-baia“It is an elegant element of marble furniture, made in the Imperial Age to support a table, probably also of marble, in one of the rich villas of the ancient Roman city”, says Fabio Pagano, director of the Archaeological Park of the Campi Flegrei.


“The Submerged Park of Baia continues to offer surprises,” adds the parks director. “We interpret today’s discovery as a sign of a new season for the Park which, after its reopening, must continue along the path undertaken to promote its development.”
“For an archaeologist the discovery of a find is always a source of joy and emotion, and recovery from the sea inevitably adds a particular fascination. After the first necessary preservation measures, the artefact will be shown to the public inside the Archaeological Museum of the Castle of Baia, after which it will find its definitive location in the exhibition itinerary”.

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