Mysterious Japan’s 1,000-year-old ‘murder stone’ is said to contain an ancient demon that is cracked.

The 1000 year old stone of death in Japan has cracked. It is said to be a sign of bad luck. Because this stone is said to have trapped evil spirits.

The Legend of the Killer Stone

According to Japanese legend, the 1000yearold murder stone traps the soul of an evil person. Now, due to the rain, the rock has split, sending the souls into a frenzy of wanting to be freed. Legend warns anyone who comes into contact with the stone will die. This volcanic rock, officially named Sesshoseki, is rumored to contain the mythical Tamomo-No-Mae, also known as the Nine-Tailed Fox.


In mythology, Tamomo-No-Mae is an ancient demon in Japanese mythology that takes the form of a beautiful woman.

The creature is considered part of a plot to kill Emperor Toba, who ruled Japan from 1107 to 1123.

The volcanic rock is actually a popular tourist attraction, located in the mountains north of Tochigi, near Tokyo.

The area is famous for its sulfuric hot springs.

What do people say about this rock?

According to folklore in Japan, this killer stone got its name by spewing poisonous gas at people.

Recently, since the rock cracked, visitors have been scared to approach the site.


Some online users have even expressed concern that evil spirits will be released once again.

Lily0727K, a Twitter user, shared an image of the split rock, writing: “I went to Sesshoseki alone, where the legend of the nine-tailed fox still exists.”

“It should have been, but the rock was split in half and the rope came loose as well.”

“If it’s the manga, it’s the pattern that the seal is broken and it’s possessed by the nine-tailed fox, and I feel like I’ve seen something I shouldn’t have.”

“I’m really scared.”

According to local reports, the rock actually started to crack a few years ago.

Chances are, rainwater has seeped into the rock, degrading it over the years until it finally separates.

Efforts to restore the rock

Local officials are currently figuring out what to do with the rest of the rock and are looking into whether they can attempt to restore it. They will try to restore the stone to its original state.


Others have commented on split rock, saying: “Here I think 2022 couldn’t be worse. Cracked rock predicts a tumultuous 2022.”

“Now, an angry Japanese spirit is freed from its ‘killing stone’.”

But another joked: “My guess is that the demon will look around 2022 and want to go back to rock in another millennium.”

The Japanese newspaper quoted a tourism official as saying he would like to see Sessho-seki restored to its original form.

Hopefully the demon rumored in stone will also be restored to its stone prison.

The murder stone was registered as a local historic site in 1957 and is also mentioned in Matsuo Basho’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North.

A novel and an animated film have been inspired by this deadly rock.

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