King Tut’s Ancient Coffin Leaves His Tomb for The First Time Ever After 3,300 Years

Finally, after 3,300 years of being stuck in the Valley of the Kings, thanks to the efforts of Howard Carter, the archeologist that originally discovered the tomb alongside everybody else that was involved, King Tut’s coffin will leave his tomb.


This is as a result of all of the combined efforts of the team, having already restored the other two golden coffins in this tomb it was finally time to do the same with the most prestigious one too.

The coffin differs from the rest thanks to its construction; while it is made out of solid gold the other two are made out of wood and plastered with gold instead.

Despite the fact that the team has tried its hardest to take care of it, making sure to combat the heat and humidity of the tomb, it still got damaged over time regardless.


According to experts, Tut’s coffin is about 30% damaged at the time and they’d need around 8 months to fully restore it. This was all made thanks to the announcement of the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum in 2020 which will overlook the Pyramids of Giza. This will be the largest museum dedicated to one civilization of all time.


Amongst the discoveries in this tomb were also 5,000 relics and artifacts including a dagger made out of meteorite fragments. The coffin is 7 feet and 3 inches long and it is currently kept in one of the 17 laboratories within the new museum.

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