Jurassic Dinosaur Footprints Found In Guizhou, China

In November, 2016, over 10 Jurassic dinosaur footprints were discovered in Bijie, southwest China’s Guizhou Province, that are more than one hundred million year old, reported CCTV, China’s state-owned media.

At the end of 2016, staff of the Cultural Relics Bureau of Guizhou found over 10 pits on a cliff during a field trip that look like footprints. The pits were then identified as footprints belong to 4 lizard-type Jurassic dinosaurs.


An expert’s analysis says the biggest dinosaur of the 4 identified was 6 meters long, and that the location of the footprint was part of a lake. Further, he suggested these footprints were left behind when the dinosaurs stopped by and drank water. After geological transitions for over 100 million years, the footprints have now become fossils on the cliff.


Carnivorous dinosaur footprints from the Triassic Period and the Cretaceous Period previously found in Guizhou area also makes this new discovery ground-breaking.


Dr. Xing Lida from China University of Geosciences says this is the first discovery of lizard-type Jurassic dinosaur footprints and first herbivorous dinosaur footprints discovery ever found in Guizhou. This is a great archaeological find for researchers studying dinosaurs who once inhabited Southwest China.

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