Evidence Indicates Pilgrim’s Path Was Built By Pontius Pilate The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced it has found solid evidence the Pilgrim’s Path in Jerusalem dates from the 1st century AD. This means that it was possibly commissioned by... October 2, 2022
Syphilis-ridden Spanish Skeletons Found at Lima’s First Hospital The remains of 42 syphilis-ridden, colonial Spaniards have been unearthed at a 500-year-old hospital in Lima. But it’s suspected that beneath these poor afflicted souls, might lie the lost mummified... October 2, 2022
A Mummy Found A Century Ago Has Been Identified As The Remains Of Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut Hatshepsut was one of the most prominent female figures in Egyptian history, establishing new trade routes and undertaking ambitious building projects before dying in her 50s in 1458BC after a... October 2, 2022
The Royal Mummies Of The Cache Of Deir el-Bahari One of the most impressive archaeological discoveries of ancient Egypt is, without a doubt, that of the so-called “cache” of Deir el-Bahri. After years of tracking down a family of... October 2, 2022
A Makeshift Casket of Sea Shells and Antlers: The 6500-Year-Old Grave of the Unfortunate Ladies of Téviec Téviec would be a rather anonymous island located somewhere in Brittany, France, if it wasn’t for its great archaeological value thanks to the many finds – mainly from the Mesolithic... October 2, 2022
Peder Winstrup, A 17th Century Bishop Buried With A Secret (video) This is one of the best preserved mummies in Europe. A 17th-century individual can hardly be seen in this condition: nose, ears, and goatee still visible; the shroud with its... October 2, 2022
Jelling Stone And Legendary Harald ‘Bluetooth’ King Of Denmark – ‘Who Made The Danes Christian’ A. Sutherland – – Harald Bluetooth was the younger son of Gorm the Old and Queen Thyra. His father, also called Gorm the Languid was the first historically recognized... September 30, 2022
Bizarre Object Discovered on an Australian Beach and Nobody Knows What it is First of all, thank you all for sharing our articles. Strange objects keep appearing out of nowhere. They seem to be hidden in the sand and under the water. The... September 30, 2022
Strange Discovery Made in Mexican Cave, Including Mummified Macaw, Baby and Adult Remains Archaeologists are accustomed to finding evidence of funeral practices around the world, but every once in a while, something they find surprises them. This was the case with a recent... September 30, 2022
Scientists Dissect Mysterious Medieval Child Mummy from Siberia The latest tests on the mummified remains of this Medieval child from northern Siberia highlight the wealth of knowledge he can give us on the way he lived. Aged six... September 30, 2022
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