Astonishing Zapotec Ruins and Carvings Found in Mexico An astonishing discovery has been made on top of a mountain in Mexico. Archaeologists and locals have been exploring a site where previously unknown Zapotec ruins and carvings have been... December 25, 2022
A bizarre new flying dinosaur, with bat-like wings and feathers When it comes to big fossil finds, China is full of surprises. The latest dinosaur discovery, announced today in Nature, is a bizarre chicken-sized animal with a delightfully short scientific... December 25, 2022
Tulum: Maya City of the Dawning Sun, a Caribbean Paradise Eighty miles south of Cancun in Mexico, stands the ruins of an ancient Mayan city called Tulum. Built atop a 12-meter (40-foot) cliff rising abruptly from the Caribbean waters, this... December 25, 2022
20-Million-Year-Old Skull Whispers Evolutionary Secrets A visually entrapping 20-million-year-old skull is providing new data on the evolution of brains in primates. Imagine looking through a wormhole into the past and seeing your ancient origins up... December 25, 2022
Sarcophagus From the Frankish Merovingian Era Found in France In France a very significant early medieval tomb has been uncovered in a chance find from a key period in the history of France, under the Franks. Construction workers came... December 25, 2022
Humans A Major Factor In the Extinction of Giant Cave Bears Until 25,000 years ago, Europe was home to some of the largest mammals, that ever lived. One of the most remarkable of the megafauna was the gigantic cave bear. Why... December 25, 2022
Large Gilded Coffin of King Tut Is Moved For The First Time The Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt has announced that the outer coffin of Tutankhamun has been removed from its tomb – for the first time since it was uncovered. Urgent... December 25, 2022
Did The Giants Wandering On Earth In Ancient Times, As The Famous Bible Pᴀssages Tell Us About It? The giants really on lived Earth? Anunnaki were Titans! The Bible in Genisis 6:4 calls: “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the... December 25, 2022
King Tut Stepped on his Enemies: Learning from Tutankhamun’s Sandals While ʂɛҳ and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw has entered popular imagination for her stunning array of shoes and fashion savvy, few know that the young King Tut also enjoyed a... December 25, 2022
The Detmold Child was about 10 months old when it died, naturally mummified in the H๏τ, arid desert environment. The Detmold Child, from Peru, dates to 4504AAC/AAAA4457 B.C. It was about 10 months old when it died, naturally mummified in the H๏τ, arid desert environment. It is a baby... December 25, 2022
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