A herd of elephants has been filmed fiercely defending its young from a pack of wild dogs in South Africa. When he witnessed the standoff, Mr. Brent Leo-Smith was on a safari in the Sabi Sands, the northeast of South Africa. The tour guide follows the wild dogs from behind... September 3, 2022
Mother Elephant Brings Her Baby To Meet The People Who Rescued Her – Touching Story The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) in Kenya saved the orphaned elephant in 2006 when she was discovered all by herself when she was just 5 months old. Luckyly for Calf.... September 3, 2022
Archaeologist Discovers Swiss Roman Battle Site and 2,000-Year-Old Dagger Sometimes experts can get it wrong. And that is what seems to have happened in the case of a Swiss Roman battle site from 2000 years ago. The new site... September 1, 2022
Owner Takes His Blind Dog Out Of Stroller, Thought No One Is Watching Him When He Bends Down Doug Delony, a TV producer, was jogging as usual through Discovery Green Park in Houston, Texas. He noticed a spectacular thing, so he grabbed his phone and took a picture.... September 1, 2022
Elephant takes a sudden nosedive while walking along the side of a road An Indian elephant appears to take a nosedive while walking along the side of a road. A baby elephant was filmed in the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttrakhand, India,... August 31, 2022
Archaeologists Unearth Tomb Of Genghis Khan Construction workers employed in road building near the Onon River in the Khentii province of Mongolia, have discovered a mass ԍʀᴀvᴇ containing the remains of many ᴅozᴇɴs of human coʀᴘsᴇs... August 31, 2022
Why Did Ancient Scots Prepare ‘Frankenstein’ Mummies? In 2001, a team of archaeologists found a pair of skeletons at an archaeological site on the island of South Uist off the coast of Scotland. At first, it appeared... August 31, 2022
Ancient Roman chariot unearthed ‘almost intact’ near buried ruins of Pompeii An ornate Roman chariot has been discovered “almost intact” near Italy’s buried city of Pompeii, the archaeological park announced on Saturday, calling it a discovery with “no parallel” in the... August 31, 2022
Massive Organized Exodus You’ve Never Seen More than 250 elephants in Malawi, with the giant animals ᴀɪʀʟɪꜰᴛᴇᴅ ᴜᴘsɪᴅᴇ down as they were moved to their new national park, they transported from the Liwonde National Park in... August 31, 2022
Steamy Fresco Discovered In Pompeii Bedroom Depicts The Seduction Of Queen Leda By A Swan Archaeologists in Italy have discovered an “excellently” preserved and highly-colorful detailed fresco in an ancient Pompeii bedroom depicting an erotic scene in which a god disguised as a swan copulates... August 31, 2022
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