These 8,000-Year-Old Human Remains Found In Portugal Are The Oldest Mummies Ever Discovered Archaeologists found evidence that the remains from Portugal’s Sado Valley were mummified before burial, making them the oldest mummies in the world by about 1,000 years. When Portuguese archaeologist Manuel... May 13, 2022
How did Ramesses II survive for 93 years without modern medicine? He survived infancy, and then didn’t become injured or seriously ill during his lifetime. Mummy of Pharaoh Ramesses II People seem to misunderstand the statistics of longevity. Just because the... May 13, 2022
The Incredible Story of the First Underwater Photograph Ever Taken This article is about the first appreciable underwater photograph. The very first attempt at underwater photography was by William Thompson in Dorset, UK, who in 1856 used wet colloidion glass... May 13, 2022
The Size Of Human Bodies Has Changed As A Result Of Climate Change An interdisciplinary team of researchers led by the Universities of Cambridge and Tubingen acquired over 300 fossils from the species Homo to estimate body and brain size. They pinpointed the... May 13, 2022
Subway palaeontology: LA construction unearths fossil trove The prehistoric side of Southern California is being unearthed by a subway construction project in Los Angeles. Workers excavating the tunnels unearthed fossils of ancient mammals that roamed the area... May 13, 2022
Urartian graves in eastern Turkey pointing out novel burial traditions Two graves belonging to the Urartian period were unearthed in a necropolis during excavations that started five years ago in Çavuştepe Castle in eastern Turkey’s Van province. The graves reveal... May 13, 2022
What Medieval Skeletons Tell Us About Modern Day Pandemics A young woman walks Trondheim’s streets 800 years ago, carrying a secret in her body. It’s 150 years before the plague—the Black Death—but this young women is sick with a... May 13, 2022
Black Death study for Cambridge college skeletons Hundreds of skeletons found under a Cambridge University college could help researchers map the effect of the Black Death on a medieval town’s population. More than 400 complete skeletons were... May 13, 2022
Mystery of Missing Apex Predators in Cretaceous North American and Asian Ecosystems Solved The top predator of the Jurassic and Cretaceous landscapes was usually a species of carnivorous dinosaur. These predators walked on two legs, had powerful jaws lined with sharp teeth and... May 13, 2022
Teeth of Cretaceous-Period Sharks Found at Iron Age Site in Israel An international team of archaeologists has found multiple fossil shark teeth within Iron Age cultural layers dating to 8-9th century BCE in the City of David, Jerusalem, Israel. “These fossils... May 13, 2022
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