Archaeologists Discover a Strange Civilization That Existed Long Before Ancient Egyptians

All of the items and objects discovered there date back more than 9300-3000 years. Experts decided that the megalithic monuments are extremely comparable to Stonehenge based on the tombs.

Scientists uncovered three cemeteries with objects decorated with seashells and stones, as well as pottery, between 2001 and 2003. Simultaneously, scientists hypothesized that inhabitants from that civilization had high stature and exceptionally low infant mortality.

In 2009, two more cemeteries were uncovered, although the people who lived there were not as tall as the others and had a high infant death rate.


Experts concluded that the first cemeteries were for members of the upper classes, while the others were for people of the poorer classes. Furthermore, a new land was identified. That location was set aside for youngsters under the age of three.

Finally, scientists concluded that all of these characteristics imply that the ancient civilization to which they belong was a highly evolved culture.

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