Archaeologists are amazed to discover ancient Egyptian vaults and administrative buildings discovered at Kom Ombo.

Archaeologists from an Egyptian-Austrian archaeological mission discovered during the course of their investigation the vaults and administrative buildings at Kom Ombo, located on the eastern bank of the Nile in the Upper Aswan province of Upper Egypt. Belongs to the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Learn about the ancient city of Kom Ombo.

The ancient Egyptian city of Kom Ombo known as Nubt (meaning Golden City), is famous for its Kom Ombo Temple dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek, the falcon god Haroeris, along with Tasenetnofret and Panebtawy.

The Austrian Institute of Archeology started a project in 2017 in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, to investigate the ancient city and its surroundings.


Excavations to the northeast of Balatalmi Temple in the area of Kom Ombo Temple revealed an administrative building containing various chambers dating from the First Intermediate Period (2180-2050 BC). In addition to over 20 conical silos used for grain storage.


During this period, Kom Ombo was considered a famous center of agriculture and commerce, as evidenced by the latest findings on the management and distribution of agricultural industries in the region.

The architectural elements of the silo are very well preserved and some of the walls of the silo are two meters high. The existence of bones and rat droppings indicates insect infestation in the containment chambers.” Dr. Abd El-Moniem (Director of Antiquities Company Aswan and Nubia) told Luxor Times.

A fortress built during the British occupation in the 19th century.

In addition to the current find, the remains of a fortress built during the British occupation in the 19th century were found near the Ptolemaic-Roman temple last year.


The fortress may have served as an observation and defense base during the Mahdist War between the Sudanese Mahdists and British-supported Egyptian Khedivate forces from 1881 to 1899, according to the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Austrian Academy of Sciences.

The Academy has launched an appeal for students interested in gaining experience in the field of Egyptian archeology to participate in the Kom Ombo excavation.

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