A 500-Year-Old sκᴇʟᴇтoɴ Wearing Thigh-High ʟᴇᴀтнᴇʀ Boots Was uɴᴇᴀʀтнᴇᴅ In London

Leather was a highly-valuable material during the Tudor era in the U.K., which makes this discovery all the more unusual.

The skeleton of a man that is believed to date back 500 years was uncovered face-down in the mud by London’s river Thames. What’s remarkable about this particular discovery is that the skeleton was found wearing thigh-high leather boots that are nearly fully intact.


The skeleton was found in the Bermondsey neighborhood in south London by archeologists at work on the city’s new “super sewer.” The $5.4 billion project is intended to capture, store, and transfer raw sewage and rainwater that’s currently flooding the river.

The discovery of the leather boot-clad skeleton has prompted archeologists to investigate the site further before moving forward with the “super sewer” construction.a-500-year-old-sκᴇʟᴇтoɴ-wearing-thigh-high-ʟᴇᴀтнᴇʀ-boots-was-uɴᴇᴀʀтнᴇ


According to Mola Headland, the firm in charge of the sewer construction project, leather was a highly coveted material during the Tudor times in England.

They believe that it would have been highly unlikely for a corpse to be buried with such a valuable item, which indicated to them that this man’s death was probably an accident.


The company also stated that during the 15th and 16th centuries, the banks along the river Thames were not the safest places to hang around. The man might have been “a fisherman, a mudlark or perhaps a sailor,” the archaeologists said.

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