May Have Paleolithic Human in Mongolia Ingested Huge Camel? Archaeologists have found the remains of Camelus knoblochi hunted by Paleolithic Human in Mongolia. Dated to between 59,000 and 44,000 years ago. A species of huge two-humped camel, Camelus knoblochi,... March 29, 2022
Studying the tools to find the cause of Neanderta extinction. Neandertals extinction around 40,000 years ago, but many things of their extinction remain unknow. Through the study of tools, reveal the cause of Neanderta extinction. From there, find out their origin... April 4, 2022
Evidence of early anatomy in Western Europe when 54,000-year-old molars were discovered. Archaeologists report finding a fossil from Grotte Mandrin in France that reveal the presence of anatomically modern Homo sapiens in Europe between 56,800 and 51,700 years ago. The discovery indicates that... April 4, 2022
Did the ancients know how to set the optimal fireplace to limit smoke? According to an ancient archeology study, early humans had a high cognitive ability. The researchers developed a software-based smoke dispersion simulation model and applied it to a prehistoric cave site.... April 6, 2022
Giant stone balls unearthed in Costa Rica. Recently, archaeologists unearthed giant stone spheres in the Diquís plain of Costa Rica. On the small island of Isla del Caño and the Diquís River Delta more than 300 stone... April 6, 2022
Discovered by archaeologists: Stonehege was designed like a solar calendar. Scholars have long found massive evidence for Stonehenge for prehistoric timekeeping – a type of Neolithic calendar. Exactly how such calendars work, however, remains unclear. And how it works is... April 7, 2022
A near-Earth comet that exploded over North America about 1,500 years ago. Archaeologists recently found meteorites, microscopic particles, iridium and platinum, and burned charcoal-rich habitable surfaces at 11 Hopewell culture archaeological sites in three sprawling states. in the Ohio River Valley. Fortunately... April 7, 2022
Migration of women prevailed during the Bronze Age. A study in Orkney revealed that migration dominated by women led to a period of prosperity for the Bronze Age community. Is this the main reason for the prosperity of... April 9, 2022
The real stronghold of ‘Assassins Creed’ is Alamut Castle. Alamut Castle is considered a fortified mountain fortress in the Alamut region of present-day Qazvin Province in Iran, which in the Middle Ages served as the central base of the... April 9, 2022
Chinese jade immortal armor burial suit. Jade vestments are handmade jade suits from the Han Dynasty of China, used for the burial ceremonies of China’s elite and members of the ruling class. Used for the wealthy... April 9, 2022